Update 2: W Seattle Lower Bridge

W Seattle lower bridge support dome, housing hydraulics

Prepping to Swap Parts.

Bicycle commuter shuttle continues at bridge approaches, during peak hours.

Preparation work is underway to remove damaged hydraulic parts from the W Seattle lower bridge, which was shut down last night due to a small hydraulic fluid leak. To identify the cause of the leak of about 1 gallon of hydraulic fluid, inspectors must look closely at the piston, ring, and bearings.

“Right now, we’re preparing to swap out the damaged assembly with a spare assembly we must transport from storage. The parts we need to remove are behind complex electrical conduits, so, to a degree, crews have to take the bridge apart to get to and successfully replace the hydraulics.” – SDOT Roadway Structures Manager, Matthew Donahue

Donahue estimates a two-day process for SDOT crews to disassemble the large electrical cables blocking access to the hydraulic system and pull out the heavy steel parts of the swing bridge on a specially ordered emergency response vehicle.


What you can expect:


Spokane St Swing Bridge, a.k.a. W Seattle Low-Level Bridge over the Duwamish River is out of commission while under repair.

Shuttle service for bike commuters continues, up to 15 passengers each trip.



Shuttle service is available 6 – 10 AM and 3 – 7 PM; arriving at each side every ~20 minutes.

Repair work is expected to take at least a week.



 Vehicles: Detour routes are marked at the following locations:

  • Chelan Ave SW
  • 1st Ave S
  • E Marginal
  • Harbor


 Bike Riders: Shuttle service is available at bridge approaches in Seattle and W Seattle for pickup and dropoff.

  • For those biking around the Duwamish, see the bike detour map.

Updates made available as confirmed.

Thank you for your patience!