Taking on the Kraken!

19th Century Drawing | Image from www.unmuseum.org

The Crack Sealant is coming…

Starting tomorrow, June 19, our crews take on the crackin’ (not to be confused with the legendary Kraken, aside from the correlation of bravely facing many tendrils–of cracks) of Seattle pavement. Every year our Crack Seal Program proactively extends the life of roadways.


Saving, paving, & saving $$$ (some more).

Our crews fill cracks in the pavement with a cost-effective low-tack sealant, to reduce the infiltration of surface water (Kraken splash or otherwise), delaying the formation of potholes and other distresses that deteriorate pavement.

The annual work helps make for the smoother sailing of bikes, buses, and car wheels, holding pavement together an extra 3-5 years (time to help budget for repaving, as well as therapy following any actual Kraken interactions).


What you can expect & where we’re crack’n down:

This year, the crack-filling Kraken-free work will be done at these locations (in case you were wondering…):


 47 Ave SW – from #10203 to #10226

 Halleck Ave SW – from SW College St to 53 Ave SW

 53 Ave SW – from Halleck Ave SW to Alki Ave SW

 Marine View Dr SW – from SW Roxbury St to 42 Ave SW

 2 Av SW – from 1 Av SW to Highland Parkway SW

 13 Ave S – from S Albro Pl to Airport Wy S

 S Bailey St – from 13 Ave S to Corson Ave S

 Stanley Ave S from S Albro Pl to 13 Ave S

 S Dearborn St – from 5 Ave S to I-5 southbound off-ramp

 S Weller St – from 20 Ave S to 18 Ave S

 18 Ave S – from S Weller St to S Jackson St

 2 Ave – from Denny Wy to Stewart St (except bike lanes)

 E Harrison St – from 33 Av E to Lk Washington Blvd/37 Ave E

 26 Ave E – from E Galer St to north of Boyer St where it changes to concrete pavement (#1759)

 E Lynn St – from 26 Ave E to 25 Ave E

 NE 115 St – from Lake City Wy NE to 35 Ave NE

 NE 110 St – from 35 Ave NE to Sand Point Wy NE

 N 50 St – from Fremont Ave N to 1 Ave NE

 NE 50 St – from 1 Ave NE to Roosevelt Wy NE

 NE 55 St – from 35 Ave NE to Princeton Av NE

 NE 65 St – from 35 Ave NE to NE Princeton Wy NE

 NE 70 St – from 40 Ave NE to Sand Point Wy NE

 NE 75 St – from 20 Ave NE to 50 Ave NE


Our crews will move the crack-sealing operation from block to block and reopen the lanes as they are completed. Lanes will close intermittently for 3-4 hours and parking will be restricted. Bus stops and sidewalks will remain open.


Contact us!

Questions? Contact Susan Almacher at 206.684.5303 or susan.almachar@seattle.gov.