Construction for Harbor Ave SW & SW Spokane St launches this week!

Existing intersection conditions at Harbor Ave SW and SW Spokane St.

Kicking it off with a lane reduction.

Construction for the Harbor Ave SW & SW Spokane St Intersection Improvement project launches this week! The project will be fully delivered/completed in 6 weeks. To kick things off, please be prepared for a lane reduction at the intersection of Harbor Ave SW and SW Spokane St.


What you can expect:

THURS. 6/14, 9 AM → MON. 6/18



Our crews will close the WB curb lane of SW Spokane St as the street approaches Harbor Ave SW, restricting vehicle traffic to one lane, except during peak hours (3-7 PM, MON-FRI), when it will stay fully open.



A uniformed police officer will direct right turns onto NB Harbor Ave SW from SW Spokane St during work hours.


Ped/Bike access:

Sidewalks will be maintained for people walking and biking.


All this to say, thanks for your patience while we make these safety improvements for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers!

Final design concept.

This project is part of the Neighborhood Street Fund Program. For over a decade, first as part of Bridging the Gap and now the Levy to Move Seattle, the Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) has enabled SDOT, the Mayor and City Council to partner with the community to identify, prioritize, fund and build transportation improvements in Seattle’s neighborhoods and business districts. NSF is a program that pays for transportation projects identified and prioritized by the community.


Contact us!

Visit the Harbor Ave SW and SW Spokane St Intersection Improvements project for more information. Have questions or concerns? Email our Neighborhood Street Fund Outreach Lead, Michael Charles, at 206.733.9361 or by email at