Temporary Lane Impacts on SB 1st Ave S between Marion and Columbia

Travelers should be advised that due to repair of an existing underground areaway, there will be a temporary curb-lane closure of southbound 1st Ave from Marion St to mid-block of 1st Ave between Marion and Columbia streets. Two southbound lanes will be maintained for the majority of the work, with traffic partially shifted into the northbound lane of 1st Ave. This impact will occur for approximately 3 months, beginning as soon as May 29. Additionally, width of the sidewalk on the northern half of the block will be temporarily reduced for the duration of the work.

Traffic impacts related to water main replacement along 1st Ave remain in Pioneer Square. For more information on the extent of those impacts, please visit: www.seattlestreetcar.org/centercity.htm.

SDOT would like to thank the public for its patience while this work is completed.