Fourteen Arrested Following Demonstration at 2nd and University

Seattle police were called to 2nd Avenue and University Street Monday morning after several groups of demonstrators converged at the intersection around 10:15 AM and erected four large tent-like structures, blocking traffic.

Police communicated with demonstrators over the next 90 minutes before issuing a dispersal order and informing everyone in the crowd at 2nd and University that they could be arrested if they did not leave the area.

Some participants in the demonstration left while a small group remained at the scene.

Around noon, Police then approached each demonstrator and attempted to negotiate a conclusion to the illegal aspects of the demonstration, including (trespassing) and failure to comply with a dispersal order (SPD Policy 14.090 – Crowd Management –TSK–3 Issuing the Order to Disperse). The protesters made it clear that they intended to be arrested and those who remained at the scene were arrested.

Seattle police also called for a Seattle Fire Department’s rescue team to assist them in removing four demonstrators, who were sitting atop the large tent-structures and had refused to come down.

Police cleared the street and reopened traffic on 2nd Avenue around 3 PM.

A total of 14 people were arrested during the demonstration and booked into King County Jail.