Issues and Resolutions for SDCI’s Permitting System

SDCI replaced its entire suite of permitting applications on Monday, April 30 with a new integrated system. As with any big software update, there are some things to work out in the transition. Here is a list of ones we know about and what has been resolved. We’ll update this list periodically as changes occur.

Account Access

  • Some current customers did not receive the email we sent with an activation link and password change instructions. We’ve resent the links. If you’ve still not received your emailed link, please try one of the options below.
  • If you believe you had an existing account, and you didn’t receive an email, create a new account, using the same contact information that you used previously. If we have you in the system, you’ll have an option to associate your existing profile with your new account.
  • Due to heavy user traffic, it may take a few tries to get your password to change. Tip: if you copy and paste your temporary password, be sure you do not inadvertently include an extra space at the end or beginning. Typing directly avoids this problem
  • If you still have trouble accessing your account, email We are experiencing a high volume of emails during this initial transition, and we are working through them in the order received.


Uploading Documents

We corrected a glitch that eliminated the option to upload documents to existing project records. Users may need to refresh their browser to activate the change.

System Capacity Issues

Heavy user traffic caused the system to deny access to customers or to stop responding. We’ve added additional memory to our servers which seems to have resolved the issue.

Known Issues—Pending Resolution

  • Customer may not see all their projects, if they have duplicate contacts
  • Customer unable to schedule inspections on some existing projects
  • Customer unable to pay fees on a project
  • Documents associated with projects have sometimes been renamed as “Photos”
  • Some existing converted projects are being adjusted to make sure they are in the correct workflow process stage