Neighborhood Parking Ordinance Effective May 14

On April 2, the City Council approved legislation with several changes to parking rules in the Land Use Code. The amendments provide more flexible off-street parking options and clarify “frequent transit service” areas where parking is not required. The rules will go into effect Monday, May 14.

Highlights of the ordinance:

  • Allows easier flexible use of off-street parking spaces in buildings, creating more options for daytime and overnight neighborhood parking for shoppers and residents, in Lowrise 3, Midrise, Highrise and most commercial zones
  • Clarifies rules that allow reduced parking in areas near frequent transit service
  • Eliminates minimum parking for income-restricted housing citywide
  • Eliminates minimum parking for institutional uses such as daycares in urban villages with frequent transit service
  • Increases bicycle parking requirements citywide, with more design guidance for secure and accessible bicycle parking facilities
  • Requires new parking stalls to be a minimum size
  • Allows park-and-ride parking within residential or mixed-use building garages
  • Requires “unbundling” of parking fees from housing and commercial rent, so renters don’t have to pay for parking if they don’t need it

These new rules support reducing costs for providing housing, since parking is one of the most expensive parts of building new housing. This fulfills the Seattle’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) recommendations. Creating more flexible parking choices will help us make the best use of all neighborhood parking resources as we grow. The proposal also supports more people to choose options such as bicycles, mass transit, and car-share to move around the city, fulfilling transportation and environmental quality goals.

If you have comments or questions, please contact:

Gordon Clowers
(206) 684-8375