Multiple Meter Flow Test Improvement

Beginning June 4, 2018, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will make changes to the multiple meter flow test process to ensure that meters are connected to the correct private water lines in order to improve billing accuracy.

For projects with multiple two-inch and smaller water meters, SPU requires a multiple meter flow test before receiving water service. Each meter will have a tag containing the address of the building or unit the meter is intended to supply and directions on how to contact SPU to initiate the required inspection.

You are required to get an inspection prior to receiving water service to ensure the private water service line from each building or unit is connected to the meter designed to serve it.

When you are ready for a flow test inspection, call (206) 684‑5800. You will need to confirm the following information:

  • The correct addresses for the meters ready for a flow test inspection. You cannot request the inspections without the correct addresses. If you are unsure of the address, check the tag in the meter box.
  • The legal addresses, as assigned by the permitting agency, are clearly visible and affixed on the building.
  • Private plumbing has been connected to the City union and passed, or is ready for a Utility Service Inspection private water line inspection.
  • There are no issues to access the spigot and meter box in order to complete the flow test.
  • The project is ready for inspection.


SPU will typically conduct the inspection within 5-business days of your request. Once the inspection is complete, the SPU inspector will turn on the water.

This process will ensure water meters are installed in the approved manner, which is important for future renters or property owners. By contacting SPU prior to the inspection, we can help clarify requirements for a successful inspection which will promote coordination and improve efficiency.

For more information, please contact the Development Services Office at or (206) 684‑3333.