Councilmember O’Brien: One Center City Proposal Misses an Opportunity for Safer Bike Network

Councilmember Mike O’Brien (Northeast Seattle – District 6) issued the following statement in response to SDOT’s announcement regarding One Center City:

“Throughout the country, we have seen that when city bike networks are expanded and connected, ridership increases and people are safer.

“While I appreciate the much-needed transit improvements, I’m extremely frustrated that the One Center City near-term plans fall short of creating a connected bike network. The One Center City process created an opportunity to make biking a safe and viable alternative for more people before our period of maximum constraint, but unfortunately this proposal misses that opportunity entirely.

“This is just the latest in a series of promises that the City has broken over the last few years to the bike community. In this latest instance, we were told to wait until the One Center City planning happens to get near-term, high value actions like the 4th Avenue protected bike lane. And we waited. And we got nothing. We can’t wait any longer.

“In the next several weeks, I will join the Cascade Bike Club and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways in working to create a bike network that makes sense.

“I expect SDOT to come to the table soon to discuss how they are working towards a Center City bike network as soon as possible, and what they plan to implement this year.”