Land Use Code Omnibus Amendments

SDCI is responsible for normal maintenance of the Land Use Code and related regulations.  The State Department of Commerce recommends such maintenance as good government practice in furthering Growth Management Act implementation.

We package a collection of amendments that are relatively small in scale, and have a limited scope of impact, into an “omnibus” bill. These amendments primarily correct typographical errors, fix section references, and clarify or update existing code language. Our proposed omnibus legislation addresses amendments collected from June 2015 to present.

SDCI will brief the City Council’s Planning Land Use and Zoning Committee on the omnibus on April 4.  A public hearing, where the committee will take comments on the proposed bill, will be held:

Wednesday, April 18
9:30 a.m. (committee start time)
City Council Chambers
2nd floor, Seattle City Hall
600 Fourth Avenue

For more information on the time of the hearing, please check the committee agenda a few days prior to the meeting. For those who wish to testify, a sign-up sheet will be available fifteen minutes before the public hearing.

The current draft of the proposed legislation, Council Bill (CB) 119217, as transmitted to the City Council is available through the Seattle City Clerk’s website.

Questions regarding the proposal or requests for electronic copies may be directed:

Eric McConaghy
Council Central Staff
(206) 615-1071

For more information about the proposed legislation, you can contact:

Bill Mills
(206) 684-8738