NW 95th Street and 8th Avenue NW intersection closed for emergency sewer repair work

A contractor for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is completing an emergency sewer repair at the intersection of NW 95th Street and 8th Avenue NW. A maintenance hole in the intersection degraded and the sewer pipes connected to the maintenance hole were damaged. Currently the contractor is working on repairing the maintenance hole. This work requires a large contingency of pumps and excavation and therefore the entire intersection is impacted. When the maintenance hole work is complete, the contractor will investigate the extent of the damage to the connected pipes and repair them.


Work began on Monday, Feb. 26 and is estimated to be complete in early April. Since the extent of the damaged pipe is unknown at this time, this schedule is an estimation and may change. We will update the community as necessary. Street restoration work will be scheduled once the repair work is completed. Working hours are expected to be 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. On-site sewer bypass equipment will continue to be monitored 24/7 as needed.


The intersection of NW 95th Street and 8th Avenue NW. See map for project site detail.


  • NW 95th Street is closed between Dibble Avenue NW and 7th Avenue NW. There will be no access to 8th Avenue NW from NW 95th Traffic is detoured around the site. Local access is maintained.
  • 8th Avenue NW is closed between NW 92nd Street and NW 100th Traffic is detoured around the site. Local access is maintained.
  • The intersection must be closed 24/7 due to the size of the excavation and the location of the bypass pumps and piping.
  • Parking will be restricted in the project area.
  • King County Metro bus stop #28040 and 28650 serving Route 28 on 8th Avenue NW are temporarily relocated to accommodate construction work. See https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps/028.aspx for more information.
  • Increased construction traffic, noise, dirt and vibrations.


Jade Sullivan, Project Manager at (206) 255-8276 or jade.sullivan@seattle.gov