City Light to Pilot LED Fixtures in Pioneer Square

Beginning in January 2018, Seattle City Light will be piloting a program to improve customer safety, reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources by installing LED streetlight fixtures in Pioneer Square.  Two manufacturers have been selected and customer comments are needed to decide which fixtures will light Pioneer Square. The new fixtures will be evaluated for appearance, historical integrity and light levels. The fixtures must meet City Light standards and Seattle Department of Transportation minimum light level and uniformity guidelines.

City Light is testing fixtures on 2nd Avenue South between South Washington and South Jackson streets.

The new LED streetlights will make arterial streets safer by increasing their visibility at night.

Maintenance power outages are not planned for this work. Customers can expect some traffic impacts during the removal of existing streetlight fixtures and the installation of new LED fixtures. Parking may be impacted within the immediate work area.

Starting on February 12, 2018, customers can provide feedback on the pilot LED fixtures through our online survey:
Feedback is due by February 26, 2018.

Project Timeline (Beginning January 2018):

Stage 1: Light readings of existing fixtures
Stage 2: Installation of test fixtures
Stage 3: LED light analysis (survey feedback due by February 26, 2018)
Stage 4: Seattle City Light will present its findings to the Pioneer Square Preservation Board

If the test fixtures are not approved, they will be scheduled for immediate removal following the board decision. If the fixtures are approved, an order will be placed to convert the Pioneer Square neighborhood to the new fixtures in 2018.

More Information:

Customers can contact Kevin Gorman, Project Manager at (206) 615-0650 or

Visit City Light’s “At Work in Your Neighborhood” website for additional information on the pilot project.