City Light Completes Electrical System Upgrades in SODO

Seattle City Light crews recently completed a project in late December 2017 to replace aging electrical infrastructure in the SODO neighborhood. The work included the replacement of aging utility poles, overhead wire and equipment to help upgrade the existing electrical system.

Map of the construction work area in the SODO neighborhood.

This work was part of a second phase to upgrade the electrical system in the Chinatown-International District, Yesler Terrace and SODO neighborhoods.

Previous work in the Chinatown-International District area was completed in June 2017. Upgrades to these three neighborhoods will support redevelopment projects and increased electrical reliability, flexibility and capacity.

City Light thanks its customers for their patience during the successful completion of this project.

For more information on this project and others in your area, please visit Seattle City Light’s “At Work in Your Neighborhood” website.