Quicker Permitting Options for Voluntary Seismic Upgrades in Single Family Homes

SDCI is now permitting voluntary seismic upgrades designed by an engineer as a Subject-to-Field-Inspection (STFI) permit. This quicker permitting option is only available for single-family homes.  We require plan review for engineered earthquake home retrofit permits for buildings with multiple dwelling units or commercial spaces. We issue STFI permits over the counter on the day you apply if you apply in person, or within a few days if you apply electronically. Your plans will need to be stamped by an engineer, and include a location plan, foundation and framing plan, structural notes, and structural details designed by an engineer.

Earthquake Home Retrofit Permits, also known as Project Impact, are different from an engineered voluntary seismic upgrade. They use prescriptive plan sets, eliminating the need to hire a design professional to develop drawings. For an Earthquake Home Retrofit Permit, you can submit your plans as soon as you finish them. You do not need to schedule an intake appointment. We usually do our initial review of Earthquake Home Retrofit Permits in two weeks.

See our updated Earthquake Home Retrofit Permit webpage for more details.

If you have questions, please contact:

Jamie Anderson
(206) 615-0715