New Seattle Electrical Code

City Council approved the new Seattle Electrical Code on September 18, 2017. The new code became effective on October 21, 2017. All projects submitted to SDCI on or after October 21 must meet the new Electrical Code standards. If your electrical permit is associated with a building permit, you must follow the electrical code that was effective when you applied for the building permit.

Key changes in the electrical code include:

  • An increase for the solar system review requirement from a threshold of 7 kw to 7.7 kw
  • Requirements for electrical vehicle charging in new building
  • Requirements to remove all abandoned knob and tube wiring


You can find an overview of the most significant changes by reading our 2017 Seattle Electrical Code Proposed Changes document posted on our Electrical Code webpage.  Our webpage also includes the 2017 Seattle Electrical Code replacement pages and quick reference.

If you have questions about the new electrical code, contact:

Ben Scott
(206) 684-5383