Private sewer overflow at Magnuson Park

This morning, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Drainage and Wastewater was dispatched to a sewer overflow at Radford Apartments (6301 65th Ave NE) which was determined to be owned by University of Washington (UW). The UW owned sewer line was blocked, and as a result, overflowed and discharged into a stormwater line that flows into Lake Washington at Magnuson Park. SPU Field Crews contained the flow. UW Contractors took over the containment until the blockage was cleared at 2:20 p.m. SPU Drainage and Wastewater assets are not responsible for the overflow.

Beach areas are currently closed at Magnuson Park and will remain closed for at least 2 days while SPU monitors water quality. The boat ramp is not closed, but boaters are advised to avoid contact with the water.