Denny Way Transit Lane Installation Begins Monday, September 25

King County Metro and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are working together to improve Metro’s Route 8 reliability by making several improvements along the most congested parts of the route, between Lower Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. These congested areas cause delays, especially during peak travel times or major events at Seattle Center.

SDOT will begin rechannelization of Denny Way for Metro that will include an eastbound 24/7 bus-only lane with work beginning as early as Monday, September 25 after 7 p.m. This work is evening only, after the PM commute. Work is expected to be completed by Thursday, September 28.

 What to expect:

  • A new eastbound bus-only lane will be installed on Denny Way between Fairview Ave and Stewart St.
  • The bus lane will be the middle lane of three eastbound lanes on Denny Way. The right lane will be for traffic going to Yale Ave and southbound I-5, the left lane will be for traffic continuing up to Capitol Hill, and the bus lane will be between these two lanes.
  • This bus lane is part of a series of improvements planned along Route 8 as part of the Route 8 Corridor Improvements Project; additional traffic and bus stop improvements are planned in the Uptown, South Lake Union, and Capitol Hill portions of the route.
  • The eastbound bus lane and associated improvements are expected to save an average of 1-2 minutes per trip during the PM peak, with additional gains in reliability.
  • The additional eastbound lane is being accommodated by taking one westbound lane on this portion of Denny Way. This could result in some additional delay in the westbound direction of Denny Way in the AM peak, but any delay increases are expected to be minor and brief in duration.
  • The Route 8 corridor project is a partnership project between King County Metro and SDOT, and is funded by federal grants; the total project budget is $1.4 million.

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