Comment on a Draft Director’s Rule about Green Building Standards

We’d like your feedback on Draft Director’s Rule 20-2017, Green Building Standard. It’s available for review and comment through September 22, 2017.

The purpose of this Director’s Rule is to:

  • Establish the requirements for development to meet the green building standard, including a substantially equivalent or superior standard where applicable
  • Establish the requirements for documenting an owner’s commitment that a proposed development will meet a green building standard
  • Establish the requirements for demonstrating compliance with a commitment that the development will meet a green building standard

Our “green building standard” is a standard adopted by the Director of our Department, that is equivalent or superior to standards accepted in the building industry for high-level development strategies and practices. These standards apply to a range of structure types, they help save resources, and they promote renewable, clean energy.

The previous rule, 12-2016, is being revised to clarify language about the energy goal and how that relates to the Seattle Energy Code. The new text will clarify that any project using the green building standard must be designed to use 15% less energy than allowed by the Seattle Energy Code.