Mayor Murray statement on Amazon announcement

Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement regarding the announcement from Amazon:

 “Today is an exciting day for Amazon, one of Seattle’s original technology companies and one that has helped reshape our city over the last two decades. Seattle has grown in recent years, as one of the world’s most creative and innovative companies has firmly rooted itself in our city, and not just with the multiple office buildings Amazon has built in our downtown core. Amazon’s work in our community, willingness to invest in the core of our city, and recruitment and development of thousands of talented people have helped Seattle become an international technology and business hub.

 “My office will immediately begin conversations with Amazon around their needs with today’s announcement and the company’s long-term plans for Seattle. And we will coordinate with Governor Inslee to convene key business and community leaders to plan for our future growth and response to this announcement. I look forward to working with Amazon to secure their long-term, successful future in the heart of Seattle.

 “Though they won’t find one quite like it, it is telling that Amazon is looking for a city in the model of Seattle for its second home, similar to what major tech companies like Google and Facebook have done in building campuses here.

 “Seattleites should know Seattle is strong because we have a large, diverse economy. From technology to health care and biotech to forestry, major companies like Expedia and Weyerhaeuser call Seattle home—as do more than 700,000 people that make our city a vibrant, exciting place to live. We have worked with these companies—and those who work here—to make Seattle a great place to do businesses because it is a great place to work, and a great place to work because it is a great place to live. All of these companies, as well as our art, music, sports, recreation and leading progressive values have and will continue to make Seattle one of the world’s most desirable places to live and do business.

 “But, we also must know headwinds are coming. Unprecedented growth will not happen forever and my upcoming budget will reflect that. And current federal immigration policy makes it difficult for companies like Amazon to do business in the U.S., where they have employees who may not know from day to day whether they will be allowed to stay here. That is why we must fight these policies and remain a Welcoming City. Our values are why businesses continue to come here in record numbers.

 “I look forward to our city’s long partnership with Amazon, both for the thousands of people who work there and the company’s work in our community, such as Mary’s Place. Seattle will be home to Amazon and the many other companies that dot our city’s iconic skyline for years to come.”




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