ORCA Cards for Seattle Center Monorail?

The Seattle Center Monorail might be accepting ORCA card payments soon. Mayor Ed Murray has proposed ORCA card payments for the Monorail to allow easier access between the major hubs in Seattle. By implementing ORCA cards on the Monorail, the commute will be easier for residents of the city. The ORCA card is currently the transit card for the King County Metro, the Water Taxi, the Sound Transit system, Streetcars and the Washington Ferries.

Mayor Murray said, “Seattle Center is becoming more connected to downtown, and the Monorail is the best path between these two important hubs. Creating a seamless transit network that ultimately sweeps across downtown will connect Queen Anne to South Seattle, the University of Washington to the Gates Foundation, KeyArena to SeaTac. The Monorail may have been built in a different era, but it plays a vital role for connecting Seattle Center to today’s regional transportation network.”

A yearlong study conducted by the Seattle Department of Transportation found more than two million people ride the Monorail yearly. Although ridership flocculates on a day to day basis, the overall ridership is projected to increase by 7-16% within the first three years of ORCA implementation.

The monorail will keep their cash payment system and plan on adding a credit card and ORCA option. When ORCA is implemented, there will be a $0.25 fare increase.