Mayor Murray statement on potential elimination of DACA

Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement in response to reports President Trump is planning to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program:

“Behaving like a flip reality TV show host who boosts ratings by dismissing people isn’t presidential, particularly when you’re threatening the real lives of hundreds and thousands of young people. Protecting immigrants and defending DACA is not only a moral issue, it is also an economic one. And our city has a vibrant economy because of the important contributions of all immigrants, including Dreamers and other undocumented individuals.

 “DACA recipients contribute 15.3 percent of their wages to taxes, which fund Social Security and Medicare. DACA recipients own homes and start new businesses, which contribute to the success of our economy and our communities.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, but because of Congress’ failure to act, programs like DACA are critical in supporting people who grew up in our country. Seattle is a Welcoming City and we’ve already taken legal action against the president over his threats related to immigration policy. We will continue to stand with our friends and neighbors and ensure they know we want them to always call Seattle home.”

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