Metal detecting is not allowed at Seattle parks

Rare plants, unique seashells, original artworks and other treasures fill our parks. But these treasures should be left alone for the enjoyment of all. Removing materials from a Seattle Park is prohibited.

We also don’t allow metal detecting and digging in Seattle parks. Although the Park Code doesn’t specifically cite metal detecting, SMC 18.12.070 prohibits anyone from removing (or destroying, mutilating, or defacing) lawn, sand, soil, sod, or pretty much anything found in a park. We know there are leave-no-trace metal detectors, but many people are not and, as a result, park turf, vegetation, and irrigation systems have suffered. So, we ask everyone to do no metal detecting anywhere in the parks.

As outlined in the Seattle Municipal Code 18.12.070:

It is unlawful for any person except a duly authorized Department of Parks and Recreation or other City employee in the performance of his or her duties, or other person duly authorized, to remove, destroy, mutilate or deface any structure, lawn, monument, statue, planter, vase, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, shrub, tree, geological formation, plant, flower, lighting system, sprinkling system, gate, barricade or lock or other property lawfully in any park, or to remove sand, soil, sod, or water from any park.

Please leave plants, artifacts, flowers, and features for everyone to enjoy!

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