City Awards Funding for Community Shuttles Program serving Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

Seattle—The City of Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) is investing $922,210 to Sound Generations for community based transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities in Seattle and South King County. The Community Shuttles program offers an affordable and accessible mobility option to link those who experience barriers to social participation to medical, social and community services. The community shuttles will play a critical role in closing transportation gaps in King County.

As part of the City’s Age-Friendly initiative and HSD’s commitment to support affordability and livability, this investment supports a larger proactive service system that promotes independence and choice for older adults and adults with disabilities. According to community engagement data from the 2016-2019 Area Plan on Aging for Seattle, transportation remains one of the top service needs despite a robust public transportation infrastructure in King County. Community shuttles serve customers who do not qualify for ADA services or need a higher level of assistance than ADA Paratransit agencies can provide. They also meet the transportation needs of older adults and adults with disabilities who have greater challenges using public transportation due cultural, language, or income barriers.

Sound Generation will execute the Community Shuttle program for the 2017-2019 biennium. Funding will allow for six shuttles to operate within Seattle, and a seventh to serve either Seattle or Tukwila.