We’ve Updated Our Large Public Notice Signs!

Beginning June 1, 2017, our new, colorful, large public notice signs will:

  • Show a picture of the proposed project
  • Include a map showing the location of the project in relationship to nearby streets and properties
  • Have a simple description of the project, and detailed bullet points
  • Include information on how to review the project online
  • Will list the date of the comment period on the project

The template for the new large notice sign will be available in an InDesign file, at no cost to you, from our Public Resource Center at prc@seattle.gov.  If you would like to email your request to us, or have your sign contractor email us, we will send the file as soon as it is available (by or before May 19, 2017).

Questions may be directed to Sue Putnam at sue.putnam@seattle.gov or (206)684-8275.