Temporary Fairview Bridge Pole and Wire Relocation Completed

Seattle City Light has successfully completed a temporary pole and wire relocation alongside Fairview Bridge. Crews installed two temporary steel transmission poles and temporary overhead wires that will remain in place until the completion of the Fairview Bridge Replacement Project, which is anticipated to be in early 2020.

Details of the deactivated permanent power lines and the new temporary poles and lines.

The work was done in conjunction with the Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) plan to replace the oldest portion of the current Fairview Bridge that was built more than 65 years ago. The bridge is the last timber-supported bridge on a major road in Seattle and its replacement will allow for more traffic, sidewalks, and a bike lane. The power lines needed to be temporarily relocated so that safe distances could be maintained from energized lines during the future work. The permanent lines remain in place, but have been deactivated.

Seattle City Light crews, engineering and project management collaborated with both SDOT and local businesses to minimize impact to our customers. After the bridge’s construction, City Light will remove the temporary steel transmission poles and associated temporary power lines and return to a permanent configuration. Overall, City Light crews completed this phase of the work ahead of schedule.

New temporary power lines and poles installed to the right of permanent  infrastructure