Boat Fires at Shilshole Bay Marina

SEATTLE – Firefighters were dispatched to M Dock at Shilshole Bay Marina, for multiple boat fires on April 8, 2017, 0:07 a.m.

Firefighters arrived to find a ship fire in an uncovered moorage that extended to a second boat. A third vessel was at risk due to wind-driven smoke extending to an adjacent dock. All of the involved vessels were unoccupied. Fire units effectively deployed large diameter foam attack lines using the marina’s standpipe system to extinguish both burning vessels. One other vessel was removed from its slip by SFD personnel and transferred to the control of SPD Patrol 2. The Marine Group also deployed booms to contain environmental impacts. SFD Fire Investigators were called to the scene.

Seattle Police utilized Patrol 2 and provided traffic control around the marina. Port of Seattle Police assisted with resident outreach, including contacting boat owners. The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the scene to assist in evaluating the situation. The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Ecology were notified. SFD provided fire watch until 7 a.m., at which time scene was returned to Port of Seattle Police.

One firefighter sustained minor injuries and was transported to Harborview Medical Center.