Office of Economic Development Puts Big Data in the Hands of Small Business

Tracking down valuable information about the local economy, customers, competition and more just got easier for businesses in Seattle. Today the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, in partnership with LocalIntel launched the Business Decision Engine (Beta).

The interactive tool displays essential market intelligence for entrepreneurs and existing businesses and helps them ask the right questions, analyze the data correctly and make better business decisions. The site is primarily intended for small to medium sized businesses who previously did not have the resources or experience to do their own market and location research, though businesses of all sizes and types will find it useful. Entrepreneurs can now discover their industries’ primary customers, learn how to research their competition, identify key transportation and environmental considerations, uncover future business opportunities and more.

“Data is only useful if it is easily accessible,” Brian Surratt, Director of the Office of Economic Development said. “That’s why I’m so excited about the Business Decision Engine. Through a beautiful and engaging interface, entrepreneurs will have access to volumes of City and partner agency data that together can help business owners make choices about where and how they do business in Seattle.”

“Before the Business Decision Engine, people had to search several agencies, and even if they found the right data, they may not have had the context to make it useful. Now, all the most important information is in one place and easily digestible for anyone,” Brian Surratt Director of the Office of Economic Development continued.

“Seattle is now a world leader in using open data to support local business growth,” Localintel CEO Dave Parsell said. “By combining the vast amounts of information held in the City’s Open Data Platform with our own data, we’ve created a valuable resource for Seattle’s business community.”

Seattle is the first city in the United States to offer LocalIntel’s product to businesses.

The Office of Economic Development and LocalIntel will update the Busines Decision Engine quarterly with refreshed data and additional resources. The City invites the community to provide feedback about additional data they would find helpful as they explore the City for opportunities.

The release of the Business Decision Engine (Beta) is one step in an ongoing body of work at the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development to make data more accessible. For additional data visit

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