OED Weekly Round-up: March 11-17

Computer Science at UW receives a generous donation. Washington state job report brings good news. Seattle’s tech workers are in it for the long haul. Seattle Startup takes on stitches.

1. The University of Washington’s computer science program is getting a name change. After a generous $40 million dollar donation from Paul Allen, the school will be named the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. “The expanded program will help supply talent-starved Seattle-area technology companies with employees” per the Puget Sound Business Journal.

2. A recent job report from the Washington State Employment Security Department found that Washington’s unemployment rate “held firm” in January at 5.1%. This was good news because preliminary estimates had Washington state losing 7,200 jobs in January. Read the whole report from the Kirkland Reporter.

3. Seattle’s tech workers are a loyal bunch Geekwire reports. Software engineers stay an average of six months longer than their counterparts in San Francisco. This may seem like an insignificant difference, but it is a large chunk of the average total time engineers stay with a company: 29 months in Seattle to 23 months in San Francisco. This is just another data point that Seattle’s workforce is among the best in the country.

4. A Seattle startup is developing a high-tech replacement to stitches. KitoTech Medical’s MicroMend resembles a Band-Aid and uses micro staples to hold the edge o a wound together. This could make your next bad fall a little less of a hassle! They are planning a commercial launch this summer. Read the whole story on Geekwire