Mayor Murray statement on President Trump’s proposed federal budget

Today, Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s proposed federal budget which calls for deep cuts to critical federal agency programs:

“President Trump’s proposed budget, which decimates support for public health, working families, seniors, and the environment, confirms my worst fear that he is reneging on his campaign promise to be a champion for the underdog and instead abandoning the American people altogether. We knew we couldn’t count on the new administration to partner on our progressive agenda to fund transit, build affordable housing, and be proactive about health and human services. These massive cuts to more than a dozen federal agencies, including completely eliminating the Housing and Urban Development’s housing block grant program, are downright dangerous, putting the economy and human lives at risk.”

President Trump released his budget proposal this morning calling for extreme cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Departments of Labor, Agriculture, Housing, and Health and Human Services, while making large increases in military spending and earmarking billions for a border wall.

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