Explore Seattle’s Restaurants During Dine Around Seattle Campaign

Dine Around Seattle is a biannual event that gives Seattleites an opportunity to explore the city’s exquisite restaurant scene. From March 5-23rd, Sunday through Thursday, 50 restaurants will offer a choice of two to three discounted courses consisting of appetizers, entrees, cocktails, or desserts for a set price. Select locations will also offer lunch. Participating restaurants include Ballard’s Skillet Diner, Belltown’s ORFEO, Capitol Hill’s Tango, Central District’s Seven Beef, Fremont’s Pomerol, South Lake Union’s Flying Fish, and much more.

The Dine Around Seattle campaign highlights small businesses that are crucial to Seattle’s economy. A dollar spent at a local independent restaurant creates three times more jobs, income, and wealth than a dollar spent at a national chain. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 8.2% of Seattleites work in food service or preparation. These are jobs that are accessible for all and can serve as a vehicle for economic mobility.

For more information on Dine Around Seattle, visit their website.