Mandatory Housing Affordability Upzones Heading Your Way!

You may have heard that a mandatory housing affordability (MHA) upzone is proposed for your project site.  City Council approved the first MHA upzone in the U-District on February 21st and will consider MHA upzones in other areas of the city over the next 12-18 months.  The Office of Planning and Community Development has detailed information on future MHA upzones to help you plan your development project. SDCI is working with applicants interested in the increased development capacity associated with pending MHA upzones in those areas where City Council is considering legislation.

If your project site is in a pending MHA upzone area, and you have a pending or issued Master Use Permit, please contact your project’s land use reviewer to learn how to incorporate increased development capacity into your project.  For new project applications, SDCI will tell you more about the options for incorporating a pending MHA upzone into your project. We will discuss this at your Land Use or Design Review pre-submittal conference.  All requests to consider projects using pending codes is at the risk of the project applicant. Proposed code language may change during the legislative process.

SDCI staff is committed to facilitating projects that choose to take advantage of the MHA upzones.  To support review of projects within a pending MHA upzone area, we encourage applicants to tell us their interest in an MHA option early in the process.  You will need a Land Use Revision application for changes to a project with an issued Master Use Permit.