Coordinate with Utilities Before Starting Your Demolition Project

If you are planning a demolition project, you need to coordinate with all utilities providing service to the property. All utilities must be shut off before you start any actual demolition. Shutting off the utilities before demolition helps prevent accident and injury to you, your contractors, or the inspectors. This is particularly important for natural gas, because demolition before a service is capped could lead to a natural gas leak or an explosion.

Contact the Utilities:
You need to coordinate with any private utilities and with:

  • Seattle Public Utilities, (206) 684-3000
  • Seattle City Light, (206) 684-3000
  • Seattle Dept. of Transportation, (206) 684-5283
  • Puget Sound Energy, 1-888-321-7779


You can find more information about demolition rules in Tip 337, Demolition and Deconstruction, or on the demolition permit webpage.

Call Before You Dig:
Calling 811, two business days before you begin digging, will alert utilities to come out and mark their buried lines from the street to your house for free!

Calling before you dig ensures that any publicly owned underground lines will be marked, so that you can dig around them safely. Having the utility lines marked not only prevents accidental damage to the lines, but prevents property damage and personal injuries that could result in a breaking line. Also, it’s the law and it’s free! Please visit or call 1-800-424-5555 (or 811) for additional information.

Be aware many* buried utility lines under your property belong to you. Locating buried utility lines that you own must be performed by a private company. Learn more about what’s under your lawn. You may want to hire a private buried line locator to find utilities that you own.

*If you’re not sure ask your local utility providers.