OED Weekly Round-up: February 18-24

Seattle Startup receives boost in funding. GoPoké opens their doors. Why are Cheap Eats so cheap? The New York Times profiles the working class.

1. Another week, another startup success story. Utrip is a company that develops trip-planning technology. According to a Seattle Times profile of the company, “Utrip’s technology is used by tourism organizations, hotels, and landmarks to help visitors plan their trips by offering a personalized itinerary.” They recently received 4 million in investments from various investors.

2. GoPoké recently opened in International District. Seattle Weekly tells the story of the Vietnamese brothers who opened GoPoké and discusses the proliferation of Hawaiian restaurants in Seattle.

3. The New York Times Magazine does a deep dive on America’s working class. How has it changed since the conception of the American Dream?

4. Cheap eats is a term commonly used to describe a restaurant with low prices and tasty food. However, cheap eats have a hidden cost. The Seattle Times goes behind the scenes.