OED Weekly Round-up: February 4-10

Seattle’s medical field is impacted by the travel ban. Nordstrom gets a stock boost under improbable conditions. Seatte’s Priority Hire is expanded. A case for free trade

1. Seattle medical professionals are concerned about the negative effects of President Trump’s travel ban on their ability to complete complicated and demanding surgeries, Puget Sound Business Journal reports. For example, Iraqi surgeon Ghazwan Abdulla Hasan was halted from traveling to Seattle for his 12 month fellowship to perform spinal surgeries in Seattle.

2. Nordstrom got a stock boost this week from President Trump, although that was not his intention. After the president tweeted an attack on the Seattle company following their decision to cut his daughter’s fashion line, their stock climbed 4%. Thanks, POTUS!

3. The Seattle Medium reports that Mayor Ed Murray has decided to expand Seattle’s Priority Hire program. The program has received praise for creating construction jobs for demographic groups with socio-economic disadvantages.

4. The Puget Sound Business Journal recently featured an op-ed by Vince O’Halloran of the Washington Maritime Federation making a case for free trade. Mr. O’Halloran makes the point that 40% of our jobs depend on trade and that indifference surrounding trade will put Seattle at risk.