OED Weekly Round-up: January 21-27

Seattle has a lot of cranes. The Atlantic discusses environmental regulations. Seattle business leaders express what they want from a Trump administration. Amazon continues to impress.

1. The argument against environmental regulations is based on the premise that they kill jobs. In a recent publication, Alana Semuels, of The Atlantic, attempted to answer the question, “Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs”.  She made the counter-argument that environmental regulations merely shift employment from one sector to another and do not lead to net job losses. An interesting piece of analysis to keep in mind when discussing how environmental regulations impact the Seattle Economy!

2. Amazon continues to revolutionize how business is done in America. Amazon Studios has become the first movie studio to receive an Oscar’s best picture nomination for a movie that was broadcast on a streaming service. Congrats Amazon!

3. Seattle has reclaimed its title as Crane Capital of America, the Seattle Times reports. Seattle has 62 cranes, which is nearly double the amount New York has.

4. Several Seattle business owners made their voices heard in an interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal. The Journal surveyed local business leaders on what they want from the administration’s first 100 days. Seattle is a city of leaders who stand up for what is just and support what is necessary.