Safely Ring in 2017

This New Year make sure you are keeping fire safety in mind during your celebrations.

Fireworks cause thousands of burns and eye injuries and almost 20,000 reported fires per year across the country! Fireworks are not allowed in the city of Seattle without a permit.

The 2015 Seattle Fire Code also specifically prohibits the use of sky lanterns and the release of ignited materials.

Here are some alternative ways to celebrate safely:

  • Piñatas – Turn your celebration into a festive and exciting event with a colorful paper-mache piñata!
  • Balloons with confetti – Slip confetti inside balloons before inflating them! Pop them to make your own, indoor, flame-free fireworks!
  • Noisemakers – Make some noise to welcome in the New Year!
  • Glow-in-the-dark bubbles – Everyone loves bubbles.
  • Glow sticks – A brilliant and safe way to light up the night!
  • Public events – Attend a public fireworks display, light show or ball drop!

Happy New Year!