Mayor Murray statement on September job numbers

Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement after new unemployment figures were released by the Washington State Employment Security Department. The Seattle-area unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent during the month of September, which is the lowest jobless rate since 2008.

“Seattle’s economy is thriving and strong job numbers indicate that we have returned to employment numbers not seen since the Great Recession. Today’s good news shows that we can raise the minimum wage for workers while growing the local job market at the same time.

“However, far too many people of color, youth, immigrants, and women are still struggling to make ends meet in our city. We are taking concrete steps to address this inequity—be it through raising the minimum wage, addressing the gender-pay gap, creating more affordable housing, and investing in early education and transportation—we are ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from Seattle’s vibrant and growing economy.”


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