Councilmember O’Brien’s Statement on the North Precinct Police Station

Councilmember Mike O’Brien (District 6, Northwest Seattle) issued the following statement following the announcement that the North Precinct Police Station project will be revisited:

“This is a clear example of how community organizing can move mountains. It took the collective action of Seattle activists and members of the Black Lives Matter movement to bring the North Precinct to the forefront of civic consciousness. I applaud Mayor Murray and my colleagues for taking the necessary pause to reflect on whether this is the best use of our dollars, and responding to one of the most profound and important national movements happening in this country.

“We have heard loud and clear from community that this project’s scope and scale was the wrong direction for the City to work toward. Moving forward, it will be essential to me that all communities that come in contact with the North Precinct, including those most adversely impacted by police use of force, are involved in the initial stages of the design process, and participate in a Racial Equity Toolkit on the project from the beginning. Serving the needs of these communities will help enhance public safety for all.”