Mayor’s statement on Seahawks players’ tribute

Today Mayor Ed Murray made the following statement on the Seahawks players’ tribute:

“Sports are often the place we turn during times of tragedy, to be inspired not just by athletic feats, but the way a group of people comes together as a team toward a common goal. In Seattle, we did that again today, as we commemorated the 15th anniversary of 9/11 before the Seahawks played their season opening game.

“Before the game, the group of young men in Seahawks uniforms showed they also understand the impact they have on the community around them, taking a stand against injustice in America by showing a force of unity. In the same way we go to them in our time of need, we must listen to these young men now, particularly these young men of color. They are honoring those lost 15 years ago, and all of those who have fought and died for our country by challenging our country to live up to its promise here at home. The principles of justice, fairness and equality that our flag represents are what matters, far more than the symbols. On this hallowed day, we are reminded that we always have work to do to ensure those principles are true for everyone in our country.”