2-11 Duwamish Waterway Container Fire

The Fire Investigation Unit determined the cause of the fire at 5600 West Marginal Way Southwest was spontaneous combustion in a shipping container filled with garbage and tires.

Engine 36 responded to reports of smoke from a barge tied up at the dock. Upon arrival, Engine 36 found a shipping container located on the second level and surrounded by containers was on fire. Due to several of the containers in proximity to the fire containing bulk propane and diesel fuel, the alarm level was increased to a Hazardous Materials Incident with Fire. Based on the amount of combustible material and the location of the container, the Incident Commander than called for a 2-11 response.

Hand lines, ground monitors and ladder pipes were deployed to fight the fire and cool the surrounding containers including the bulk propane and diesel fuel. SFD worked with the facility to move nearby containers in order to better access the main fire container.

Several other agencies assisted in the response including the Seattle Police Department Harbor Patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard for traffic control and spill response, Seattle Public Utilities Spill Response and the Washington State Department of Ecology who jointly evaluated the run off from the fire into the Duwamish river.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries. The damage was estimated at 100,000 dollars.