Microsurfacing Update: Burke-Gilman Trail Detour in Southeast Ballard this Saturday, August 6

The 2016 microsurfacing project that begin in July and includes several different neighborhood streets will continue in Ballard and Wallingford this weekend, where it will impact use of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

This Saturday, August 6, people biking or walking on the Burke-Gilman Trail will encounter street maintenance operations, and possibly detours, in South Wallingford near Gas Works Park and in Southeast Ballard near Fred Meyer.

SDOT needs to temporarily restrict access to several streets that cross the Burke-Gilman Trail to microsurface aging pavement. Microsurfacing is expected to extend the life of those streets by 7 to 10 years, and will be used on about 60 miles of non-arterial streets this year.

Where you can expect the work

In Southeast Ballard, crews will work at 8 locations that cross the Burke-Gilman Trail between NW 40th St and NW 43rd St near the Ballard Fred Meyer, as well as along NW 45th St between 11th Ave NW (near the Trader Joe’s) and the Ballard Bridge. The Burke-Gilman Trail will be rerouted in Southeast Ballard to Leary Way NW and NW 46th St. Please follow all posted detours.

In South Wallingford, crews will be working near the Burke-Gilman Trail by Gas Works Park. The trail itself will not be detoured in South Wallingford.

What you can expect on Saturday, August 6

Microsurfacing applies a special coating made of asphalt and other materials that is less than 1/3 of an inch thick. This asphalt mixture needs up to 8 hours to dry, and until dry will stick to tires, shoes, and pet fur. As a result, any necessary detours will likely stay in place all day, from 7 AM to 5 PM.

What you can expect after work is complete

The surface will initially be a little coarse, but will even out over the next several weeks. Please know, however, that it will be approximately 4 to 7 weeks before crews are able to re-install pavement markings. In the interim, crews will install temporary pavement delineation.

A notice with additional details is attached and available on the project webpage.  If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the project team by leaving a message at 206-727-3669 or by emailing 2016Microsurfacing@seattle.gov.  For more information about Seattle’s overall microsurfacing project, please visit the webpage.

Thank you for your patience as we improve our city streets.