Proposed Code Correction Amendments Are Now Available

On August 4, we released a staff draft of the 2016 omnibus legislation along with our environmental (SEPA) decision. The comment and appeal period runs until August 25.


The legislation includes amendments to the Land Use Code (Title 23) and related land use regulations in Chapters 3.58, 22.202, and 25.11 to clarify and improve various regulations.  Our proposed amendments generally include “clean-up” amendments that correct inadvertent clerical errors and incorrect cross-references, and clarifies existing code language.  Residents, elected officials, and City staff helped identify the necessary amendments.

Next Steps

  • Seattle DCI will review the public comments and make recommendations to the Mayor this fall
  • The Mayor will likely send legislation to the City Council, for their consideration, by the end of the year.


Project Benefits

Our proposed amendments will:

  • Clarify regulations to be consistent with the City Council’s original intent
  • Provide consistency and predictability for neighbors and permit applicants
  • Correct inadvertent clerical errors and incorrect cross-references, and clarify existing Code language


Contact Information

Questions about the draft legislation may be directed to:

William Mills
(206) 684-8738

Questions regarding the SEPA determination may be directed to:

David Graves
(206) 615-1492