Update: Planned Closure of Burke-Gilman Trail section scheduled for July 11-October 31 has been Postponed (July 8, 2016)


UPDATE (July 8, 2016) : The planned closure of the Burke-Gilman Trail through Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood on Monday, July 11 is postponed. WSDOT will work with the bicycle community, the City of Seattle and others on next steps to provide passage for bikers and pedestrians near the Aurora Bridge work zone.

July 5, 2016

A very short section of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Fremont will be closed from July 11 – Oct. 31 while Washington State Department of Transportation contractor crews continue cleaning and painting the Aurora Avenue Bridge. The closure is necessary because the contractor has received permission to use a section of the trail to place machinery and equipment for the bridge work.

Closure location

A 100-foot section of trail will be closed from the crosswalk immediately west of the Lake Washington Rowing Club to the west end of the building located at 1000 North Northlake Way.

  • The trail will begin closing between 8 – 9 a.m. on Monday, July 11.
  • The crosswalk will not be closed.
  • The small U-Park immediately west of the rowing club will be closed.

Cyclists and pedestrians will be provided with a detour that runs east-west on North 34th Street between Phinney Avenue North and Stone Way North.  There are also numerous alternate routes between North 34th Street and the trail that cyclists and pedestrians can use. We encourage everyone to use caution on these alternate routes. I’ve attached a PDF document of the detour and alternate routes that you can print and post or hand out to customers and neighbors.

Trail will be open for special events

The contractor will move the equipment to ensure the trail is open for designated special events, such as the Lake Union 10K in August. WSDOT and the contractor will work closely with the City of Seattle to identify events in the area that need use of the trail.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during the closure of this short section of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

If you have any questions, please contact Kris Olsen, WSDOT at 206-440-4704 or email: olsenk@wsdot.wa.gov