Murray: Community involvement key to filling new civilian police oversight roles

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray had the following statement about the process to fill new civilian police oversight positions:

“The reports that Pierce Murphy and Anne Levinson were shown the door are false. Each of their terms ended yesterday.

“I respect Pierce and Anne, which is why I have asked them to remain in their roles on an interim basis, and to which they have graciously agreed. Their roles are being modified as part of broader structural reforms we are making to our police discipline and accountability system, and their job descriptions are expected to change.

“I recognize how important these roles are to the community, and have heard how critical it is for the community to be involved in any hiring decisions. This is why I have promised a process where the City and the community work together to set hiring criteria and evaluate candidates.

“As we did during our police chief search, we will be conducting a national search with formal community involvement and Council engagement for both of these new roles. I strongly encourage Pierce to apply and I thank Anne for her years of impeccable service as she continues her work on accountability issues in our state.”