2015 Code Adoption Update

For the past several months, we have been preparing to adopt the 2015 Seattle codes, including the Building, Residential, Mechanical, and Energy Conservation codes. While we don’t know what the legislative schedule will be, we are expecting to require compliance with the 2015 codes on January 1, 2017.

If we stay on schedule, we will allow complete building permit applications submitted before January 1 to comply with the 2012 codes.  We will require applications submitted after January 1 to comply with the 2015 codes. To be considered under the 2012 codes, your complete, submitted permit application must include all required application materials.  If you have a phased project, your application must include the materials for at least the structural frame; shoring and architectural drawings will not be sufficient.

If you have questions about the legislative schedule, contact Kathleen Petrie at kathleen.petrie@seattle.gov.

For questions about which codes apply to your project, contact Steve Burns at steve.burns@seattle.gov.