Fauntleroy Expressway Bearing Pad Replacement Project Update

Contractors replacing the bearing pads on the Fauntleroy Expressway are well over half way to finishing their work, but are now working where the bridge turns in or out of West Seattle (west of SW Avalon Way) where setting the jacks used to raise the bridge is more challenging and a slower process. 

Having worked from east to west, crews up to this point have been able to set the jacks from a flat paved surface below. As the bridge crosses over Avalon, crews are forced to work from the dirt hillside below, a more challenging work environment.

Until now, crews have generally been able to replace the bearing pads on both sides of the expansion joints each night, such that motorists notice no difference when they drive the segment the next day. The work at each expansion joint now expected to take two nights, there will be a several inch differential on one side of the roadway at the joint until the bearing pad replacement on the other side of the roadway is completed the next night.


  • The contractor will place a temporary asphalt patch to smooth the transition for motorists. However, drivers are cautioned to expect the bump and encouraged to adjust their speed accordingly. Additional signage will be placed to alert motorists of the bump condition.


  • The situation will become evident tomorrow morning, June 22, when motorists will first encounter the above described asphalt wedge. This evening crews will complete work on one side of the Expressway at the turn, but won’t complete the other side until Wednesday evening. The wedge will be in place in the interim. This condition will be repeated over the next few weeks as the crews move to other expansion joints.


  • Motorists should also expect some short temporary daytime lane closures tomorrow and on subsequent days as crews may need to make sure the asphalt patch remains in good condition.


This information will also be posted on the project website, located at http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/fauntleroyexpressway.htm.