Traffic Modification at Intersection of Valley Street and Fairview Avenue N

SDOT is advising drivers that starting on Tuesday, June 7, drivers will be prohibited from making a right turn on a red light (a “free right”) from eastbound Valley Street to southbound Fairview Avenue North. Drivers heading east on Valley Street will be able to make a right turn on Fairview Ave N only when the light is green.

This change will help maintain traffic flow from the South Lake Union area and along arterials that feed onto the Mercer corridor and Interstate 5. This change is intended to provide southbound drivers on Fairview Avenue N with space to move when they receive a green light, which will help improve the ability for all drivers to move through this busy intersection predictably.

SDOT will install a traffic revision warning sign for drivers approaching the intersection to alert them of the change.

This is a small traffic change to help address the larger issue of “blocking the box” that happens in the Valley St and Fairview Ave N intersection during the afternoon rush hour. SDOT continues to evaluate other long term solutions to this issue.