Reminder: Rental Inspection Process Video Available in Several Languages

Do you rent in Seattle?  The City of Seattle’s Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) program helps ensure safe and healthy housing for all Seattle renters.  Through the RRIO program, we can make sure all rental properties meet minimum maintenance standards.

Under the RRIO rules, residential landlords must register their units every five years and have their units inspected periodically.  Renters do not need to be concerned about RRIO inspections.  The inspectors are trained to focus only on your housing conditions, and will not search your personal items or ask about immigration status or illegal activities.

The City’s RRIO staff has produced an informative video to help renters understand the RRIO inspection process.  Our video explains how to prepare for, and what to expect during, a RRIO inspection.

The RRIO Inspection Video is available in English and in the following languages: AmharicChinese / 中文KhmerKorean / 한국어OromoSomali / af SoomaaliSpanish / EspañolTagalogTirgrinya, and Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt.