Mayor Murray thanks Council for resolution on I-5 greenbelt

Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement after the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution to support a comprehensive outreach strategy, including offers of shelter and services, to those living under and along I-5:

“Thanks to all members of the Council for their support for our shared vision for intensive outreach to those living under and along I-5. We want to provide people a safer place to sleep, offer them individualized services and assistance, and get them on the path to permanent housing. We will continue to work closely with councilmembers to address the public health and public safety issues that threaten the lives of those experiencing homelessness there, many of whom are suffering from mental health challenges or addiction. And we will continue to work with WSDOT to improve first responder access to this very dangerous area, where there have already been 92 calls for emergency response in the first five months of this year.”