An Invitation to Share Your Thoughts on the Future of Your Electric Service

Seattle City Light is updating its Strategic Plan to provide a progress report on your electricity service and outline the utility’s strategy for meeting the challenges of the next six years and beyond.

Your voice matters in this process. We invite you to share your thoughts in a survey about what the utility should be focused on in order to best serve you, our customer-owners.

While the Strategic Plan’s foundation remains unchanged, there are several initiatives under consideration in this update to help plan for a challenging future:

  • Efforts to replace fossil fuels with clean electricity to power transportation.
  • Taking action to adapt utility operations to prepare for and be less vulnerable to climate change.
  • And becoming a more agile utility that is better able to adjust to the fast pace of change from the increased use of solar power, battery storage and other technologies.

You can access the survey at

To learn more about Seattle City Light’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, please visit the Strategic Plan website.